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Dates for GEAR Spring 2019 

Kickoff Event: February 9, 2019, Texas Tech University, Biology Lecture Hall, Lubbock, TX

During Kickoff the annually changing challenge will be revealed and teams will receive their game mats, game pieces, and the game rules. All participating students and their teachers are invited to attend the kickoff event. Students are not required to attend the event in order to participate in the competition. We will record the kickoff event and share the video link with all participating teams. Teachers/coaches need to pick up game mats and game pieces at the kickoff event or make alternative arrangements (we do not ship mats and game pieces!)

Trial Run and Game Day:

Location Trial Run Date Game Day Date
Monterey High School, Lubbock ISD March 2, 2019 April 6, 2019
Midland Lee High School, Midland ISD March 23, 2019 April 13, 2019
Frenship 9th Grade Center, Frenship ISD March 23, 2019 April 13, 2019

During Trial Run teams practice in a competition-like environment together with other teams. It is highly recommended that teams participate in this event to practice and to ensure that they understand the rules correctly and experience a competition environment similar to game day. However, participation is not required.

During Game Day teams compete for points and awards. The highest ranked teams qualify for playoffs (details will be explained at kickoff event)

Playoffs: (for qualified teams from all game day locations):
April 27, 2019, Texas Tech University, Student Union Building Ballroom, Lubbock, TX

Qualified teams from all game day locations compete against each other.

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GEAR Teachers:
Celinda RejinoJames Daniel